Wednesday, February 29, 2012

going RETRO

Willzy you inspired me to scan some old pics......blew some dust of the old photo album...just not
as old as yours....i too had more hair way back when

                                                        BACK BEACH mid 80's
                                                           hair blowing in the wind...
        my best board ever.............insane paintjob too........i think it was only 5'4", it was light and
ended up falling to bits....
                                                      that tail, would catch in the tube
                                                 one of Fitzy's old boards i bought off him
                                                    old yellow ... gone / retired

 you know where....i sat on the back of the motorbike hanging onto 2 boards....we didnt see another surfer all day, overhead and all day offshore...almost got my head ripped off a couple of times when
the boards got caught on branches...we even got bogged on the bike...down to the just sitting upright in the sand,,,yep it was good.
            1984 schoolies....Queenscliffe Sydney,,,,,the bomby was breaking and getting past
             the shorebreak was hard work....surfed Fairy Bower that morning also
                        when was the last time you seen the outer reef at THE SPOT looking like this?
long walls

City Beach Development

all looks pretty good to me.....just missing an extension to the groin

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the BIG drive

did fly over but racked up some km's around vicco this week checking out a variety of spots,
small Woolamai

car ferry across 'the rip' (Queenscliffe to Sorrento)

around the corner from Bells

around the corner from Bells
around the corner from Bells

Bells....the odd set now and then 

under the cliffs at Bells


Lorne has a cracker of a caravan park

surf museum at Torquay

near Inverloch

was a bit like Honeycombes


ok bombey out the back (Bass Coast)

the main suprise was just how uncrowded the waves were compared to in the west, the conditions were pretty poor but it was easy to find beach breaks with hardly anyone out..doesnt seem to happen around the main tourist spots over here. the Bass coast (east of Phillip Island) seems to have some ok set-ups and i only seen a couple of surfers out, some of the bombies in the distance looked very surfable and some of the beachies around Wonthaggi had average waves without a surfer in sight (chest high with a mixture of closeouts and some makeable walls). Bells was small with 2 guys out and winki had 10-12 out but wasnt good.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Boards... memories

Some of my oldies.
The old faded photo is my 1st new board, a 5' 10" Cordingley single fin swallow in 1976. The other is Mal's Odyssey.
The board with the pink/orange swirls is a Blair backyard shaped twinny. Note the continental flippers.
The light blue HotButtered (Knormal) is modelled by a very young Fitzy at the 1982 Nationals in Sydney. Not sure who's board it was but was a Craig McDonald creation.
And this is proof that I did have hair once.

KNEEON kneeboards

Gday Gray, spoke to this guy in NSW about Wayne Hutches new boards here is the email below, he said it was fine to post the pics on the Indianna site and Wayne's number if anyone is interested in getting a board shaped by him. I just got rid of an oldy shaped by Wayne.
Just thought it may be an idea as we dont have any kneelo shapers in the West.

Wayne Hutch
number is 0408 669 568