Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Boards... memories

Some of my oldies.
The old faded photo is my 1st new board, a 5' 10" Cordingley single fin swallow in 1976. The other is Mal's Odyssey.
The board with the pink/orange swirls is a Blair backyard shaped twinny. Note the continental flippers.
The light blue HotButtered (Knormal) is modelled by a very young Fitzy at the 1982 Nationals in Sydney. Not sure who's board it was but was a Craig McDonald creation.
And this is proof that I did have hair once.


  1. Sweet , sweet collection of West Oz. kneelo history there Willsy . Must be hard holding back the tears knowing how follicly unchallenged you once were but then had hormones not taken their natural path you wouldn't bare such a striking resemblance to Montgomery Burns that you do today and all the mistaken accolades that go with it!
    Correct me if I'm wrong but Knormal was Albert's label at Hot Buttered ( Parksy had "Suburban" there also who knocked up my first tri ) and continuing with Friar Tuck . I recall Craig McDonald eventually shaped under the Tuck label .
    Was the Cordingly shaped by Greg Laurenson , as he did my first board off the racks at Cordinglys as well in '74 . Even Phil Usher gets a look in . Obviously long overdue to get off the quads stallion !

  2. Willzy, the Hotbrewz diamond tail quad.... any idea what happened to it after you had it? Pretty sure I picked this up from either Murray's or a cashies in the late 80's. It ended up getting the bottom ripped out of it due to an ill timed paddle out at massive Pea Break when a mate borrowed it. Great board I loved it, really quick.

  3. Yes that did go back to Murray's as that was my deal, that I would get free boards but my old ones were sold off. It was actually a clone of the fastest board I ever had which snapped. Was not the same though.
    I remember some guy riding it at Triggs a long time ago, so that could have been you!

  4. i remember the board with the wheelchair paintjob. classic stuff Willzy.....jeez the fins on that blue hot buttered board are a long way forward.

  5. Griz. The old Cordingley was a Col Ladhams

  6. Sure about that Willsy , Col Ladhams was making my boards at Griersons in '76 , he'd gone there from Len Dibbens ?