Monday, February 20, 2012

KNEEON kneeboards

Gday Gray, spoke to this guy in NSW about Wayne Hutches new boards here is the email below, he said it was fine to post the pics on the Indianna site and Wayne's number if anyone is interested in getting a board shaped by him. I just got rid of an oldy shaped by Wayne.
Just thought it may be an idea as we dont have any kneelo shapers in the West.

Wayne Hutch
number is 0408 669 568



  1. Neill Bird??? is back from Spain??? at present and is shaping out of Oceanline in Wangara. Knocking up a few nice sticks too. If he did compsands I'd give him a whirl the planshapes look good.

  2. Neil is still only a part time shaper , and and if your still keen , you'd want to be quick as this is probably his annual visit home .

  3. Yeap he is back his got acouple more months to go. he comes back fora few months every year.Im. getting him to make mine now based on mickos second board looks good.If u know hes coming get up there and giv a crack guys.

  4. Neill knows how to work glass for sure, had a board made by him a while back and it was first class however the shape didnt work for me.

  5. Rode Kneeons for about 15 years, outstanding bits of gear.

  6. I too had over a dozen Kneeons but only Dales .