Saturday, May 19, 2012


nice trip upto the back beach at Jurien was worth the effort with some nice waves being the reward.......

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three (no-one out)

in the shade


hilux country

Blair Sweet Potato one





bust'n a move
1 barell out
2 of nothin
great surf mobile


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fresh Hardware

Renown and widely respected Australian surfer.shaper Dale Ponsford has lifted the lid on a few fresh ideas to help lift his image and give his already unique designs that little bit of extra spark.
 Already flagrantly original and uncontentiously obvious every time they get pulled out of the board cover, no matter where you are, Dale figured it was time to freshen his boards up a bit with a new logo makeover.
 With a new website brewing the idea was to start introducing a line of models individually named and recognisable by sticker. The idea is nothing new as all major, and not so major surfboard brands, offer a similar option for their line of models. What you see here is the first two cabs off the rank. The "S Driver" is quite obviously the model he is most renown for, that being the F1 of all kneeboards, his own modern twist on a 70's classic the Skitail. And the "Fat Man" which I believe is a more user friendly shape modeled and named after close mate and kneelo royalty Damien "Pino" Coase. What you see here is not what the pest exterminator douses your ceiling cavity for, or what thrives under your way past the use by date mattress. Keeping with the ocean theme these creatures are actually individual species of plankton. Each new model that rolls out will be sporting an even newer bug. Creepy yet strangely also kinda cool.

To my knowledge no other kneelo shaper offers their models in this way, with the exception of Neil Luke's "Freak", which is in name only. So with this in mind it will be interesting to see if and whether at all the other reputable kneelo shapers out there decide to pull their socks up and inject a bit of life into their jaded products.

Sure as shit their tired old  websites could do with an injection of freshness and enthusiasm because as mentioned previously ...............all have exceeded their use by dates .

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

They don't need much water...

a mate at Dunes a couple of days ago...