Wednesday, February 29, 2012

going RETRO

Willzy you inspired me to scan some old pics......blew some dust of the old photo album...just not
as old as yours....i too had more hair way back when

                                                        BACK BEACH mid 80's
                                                           hair blowing in the wind...
        my best board ever.............insane paintjob too........i think it was only 5'4", it was light and
ended up falling to bits....
                                                      that tail, would catch in the tube
                                                 one of Fitzy's old boards i bought off him
                                                    old yellow ... gone / retired

 you know where....i sat on the back of the motorbike hanging onto 2 boards....we didnt see another surfer all day, overhead and all day offshore...almost got my head ripped off a couple of times when
the boards got caught on branches...we even got bogged on the bike...down to the just sitting upright in the sand,,,yep it was good.
            1984 schoolies....Queenscliffe Sydney,,,,,the bomby was breaking and getting past
             the shorebreak was hard work....surfed Fairy Bower that morning also
                        when was the last time you seen the outer reef at THE SPOT looking like this?
long walls


  1. Knee pads on an Odyssey????
    Love the pic of The Spot as we remember the carpark.
    What make is the white diamond tail. Can't quite make out the name? Looks very 80's ish.

  2. Been a very long time since I've seen a shoreline trench like that at Backbeach.
    That board you bought off Fitz looks very much like one of Harts current shapes except the fins are in the right place.
    My best ever board was one of Fitzy's ex boards, 5'6" and cut like a blade. Loved it. I ran over it when my girlfriend put in under my panel van to crash in the back one night. Got up jumped in the drivers seat and reversed only to hear that horrible crunch...

  3. I hope you got rid of her after doing that... biarch!

  4. diamond tail may have been a blaxall...but i really dont know. where ever fitzy went after Oddysey..
    it might have been an Oddysey....more a board for the fatter waves...look how fat it is

  5. Beanz I guess Bruce Smith must have been running Odyssey around then as it appears to be one of Fitz's and also Devo's colour job . I know Bruce couldn't shape a kneelo if his life depended on it and prefered it that way . Willsy certainly kneelo deck grip was around then ( Gorrila Grip ) but that aint it ( see the HB ) so what was it Beanz .

  6. My mistake, I thought you meant the yellow one was one of Fitzy's board.
    Who shaped that one?

  7. yellow board is a in a local board collection..guy at triggs has 40+ boards ,,,,
    it was a devo spray.. looked like 6 hours + worth of drawing/painting went into it. wish i still had it. deckgrip.i wouldnt have a clue what brand..but white deckgrip is pretty unusual these days, Fitzy got that board spot on, very thin thru the tail...think thats important in a kneelo board due to the width,,,dont know about the bottom contours etc. on the motorbike is north of wedge on a big swell,,,,only a km or so past the township and way before the reef,,,,30-40km mission thru what were very bad tracks...the track we were used to in the past few years was widened and graded from the old track...the thong fence is long gone, wish i had taken a pic of that (a few hundred thongs pinned to the fence)