Wednesday, February 22, 2012

INDO '93


  1. so the camo's not a fad then! just a 20 year obsession...


  2. ElPresident'e ,
    first thruster I ordered off Parksey had it with the theory that it used to reduce the glare off the deck of your board during those long tropical sessions , which it did confidently . That was '82 , and I will admit it got right out of hand . Each year me and my mate Biff went away we tried to out do each other in the camo stakes until it got to the stage the locals used to ask us if we were military ! Each large Indo town would have these major military , clobber shops we would raid before heading out to the islands .
    We would roll up resplendent in the latest camo garb ,( right down to pens and wallets ) a mountain of camo boards each , then chuck them all into the camo painted outrigger , outboard motor & tank . Even camo wetties ( remember Piping Hot ? )
    Thank fuck there was hardly nobody else around to take the piss out off us ! But it was all great fun amongst a lot of lonely waves . All I can say is god help us all if the diggers of today decide to go over the top decked out in what I run with today!

  3. Dig that middle one Griz, noice.

  4. Griz

    If you were running around with camo gear up there now you would be roped into a holy f____g jihad
    come to think of it sounds like a bit of fun (not)


  5. I'll be honest with you Micko , all of them were dogs . This was around the time boards were going narrower with shit loads of rocker and concave which I foolishly embraced as the way forward . The board you mentioned was christened at 6-8 ft Sanur first day in Bali . What a joke , it had zero drive and would literally just stop on a bottom turn . Harder you pushed it to drive resulted it starting to slide and that was not what is required to surf that joint . It never left Bali .
    The other two went with me north and did what was required of them but were totally useless in anything other than perfection .
    This was about the time I started listening to what shapers reckon I needed and not my dumb ideas .

  6. crazy man Griz running around the jungle carrying strange looking disks covered in camo.
    the locals would be running if you even looked at them.....what the ??? looks like there is
    nothing wrong with the outlines but yep....too much rocker, cant do anything with that