Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Gathering - Saturday 29th May 2010

Hey Guys,

The call for the May 2010 gathering is for Saturday 29th at the bombing range at Lano. Hope to see a few of the crew there. Banks should have had a stir from the storm thats just swept through so maybe even get some shape!



Thursday, May 27, 2010

KNEELO pics from the south west

Mark Slater and a few other kneelos headed south a couple of weeks ago,  click on title for link +
some pics (towards the bottom of the page)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Indo Archives

Dragged out a few 30+ year old Indo photos for yous to pan over . Until recently all I've had to reminisce over .

Event Calendar

Willsy has kindly knocked up a gathering / comp schedule for the next 6 months of 2010. Must say its looking pretty special, bordering on exotic..boat trips, out of town missions, comps..its all there!

What we need is for everyone to get behind the organised events so looking forward to see all the crew over the next few months.

Double click the impage to enlarge.

Posting a Blog

Okay Guys, Craig has done the hard yards in getting his head around this blogging site.

We ALL need to be able to create NEW POST, otherwise you can only comment and cant add pictures or start new topics / images etc to the site. If we can all edit the site then everyone can randomly throw stuff up and get some content happening.

Check out the link above, or the link sent by Craig via e mail yesterday. You have to create a google account. Its easy just follow the prompt.

To be able to create a new post you will see at the top right had corner of the blog page (in the blue banner) your e mail address then a tab called NEW POST. Click on new post and you get e mail sort of inteface. From here its like using your e mail, add images etc.

I can do it and I'm techno challenged so lets all get on it and populate the site.



Bluff Trip

So who's on for a Bluff trip this year? I was thinking sometime in the next 2-3 months if there is a swell get a crew together and jump in the trucks and point north. The pic is from last years trip on Alex's orange 6'2". Only 2 blokes in the water at the time as everyone had frothed on the early.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kneelo gets Air

                                          who is this man seen getting air at the bombing range ?

Blog Invites

we noticed that everyone could only add a COMMENT to an existing POST and
everyone didnt have permission to create a new POST
(+ you cant add photos to your COMMENTS...but you can add photos to a POST)
to get around this i sent invites (to become AUTHORS) out to everyone on the email list so therefore
everyone should then be able to create a new subject (ie POST) and add a pic etc
(when creating a new POST pics can be added by clicking on the little pic tool next
to the word LINK)
it could get a bit out of control but i think thats a good thing, so GO FOR IT..
*note if i missed anyone on the list or we get a new member then you goto
SETTINGS/PERMISSIONS section to send an invite to become an AUTHOR thus allowing full access

Good Banks Anywhere ?

it would be handy to see if anyone has managed to find
any decent banks at any of the beachies up and down the coast,
have heard Moore Rivermouth broke thru' a couple of weeks
ago and had a wave or two...ive been there so many times
without getting a wave....and lano back beach is on the improve,
back beach is usually the best it gets around this time of the year
on the very high morning tides, may be something somewhere
after this weekends storm

New Product ----- C-fins

here is a pic of the new fins i mentioned
interested to see how they go or dont go........

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indiana Kneeriders Association

welcome to the IKA blog, hopefully in time as i work out how
this thing works i'll get some pics up etc etc....and if anyone
has anything to add please go for it..
ta craig