Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Gathering - Saturday 29th May 2010

Hey Guys,

The call for the May 2010 gathering is for Saturday 29th at the bombing range at Lano. Hope to see a few of the crew there. Banks should have had a stir from the storm thats just swept through so maybe even get some shape!




  1. how did you go? and is access along the beach still ok after the storm?

  2. Waves were on craig and really expected to see you roll up . Getting to it along the beach was sketchy to say the least . Absolutely no room for era considering it was also just off high , so figuring one more blow and it will be off limits . This and the cold kept the numbers way down , lucky if there was 20 out at the peak so again it was just the boys on our own peak . Was a sight to behold to rock up and not see anyone out at 8 o'clock .......and no staff photogs......spewing!

  3. i am only good for 30min to an hour in the water at the moment with this dodgey arm, have done the bursa and its slow to heal

  4. Missed the emails re the change of date to Saturday so went fishing.... Bugger!
    Back at another Chiro looking for the perfect cure for my back.
    On ya Kneez!!!!!

  5. Hi All,

    So many kneelos in one spot, what a sight. My name is Stevo and live down south. Would be great to catch up and surf, can arrange accom. should u feel the need to immerse in the liquid gems 3hrs south of Perth. Any idea who charger is in that footage kneelo on big wave somwhere in WA. I have my mates looking at it, I know where it is.

    Regards boys
    Give em shit

  6. G'day Stevo ,
    good to here from you and watch out we may just take you up on that offer . That charger would be Al Boffy , Indiana club member ( when ever he chooses to materialize ) and it's not tough to figure out where . Get onboard mate , ranks are swelling , although separated by distance would be cool to hook up with all SW kneelos eventually and get something happening . Give Gray our leader a message and see where you can take it .>GRIZ

  7. Hey Steve, good to hear from you. There are a few kneelo crew down south that we've been trying to contact, so good on you for getting in touch. Stuart Fitz from the club is moving to cow town so you should see him in the water down your way soon.
    We had a ripper trip down south a couple of months ago. Stayed at my mates block in Witchie, surfed south point and boranup, drank a heap of beer and had the pizza over cranked, so all in all a great weekend.
    We'll be back down soon so send us your details and I'll keep in touch and keep checking here for details.
    Good on ya mate. Gray 0402 470 287