Monday, May 24, 2010

Posting a Blog

Okay Guys, Craig has done the hard yards in getting his head around this blogging site.

We ALL need to be able to create NEW POST, otherwise you can only comment and cant add pictures or start new topics / images etc to the site. If we can all edit the site then everyone can randomly throw stuff up and get some content happening.

Check out the link above, or the link sent by Craig via e mail yesterday. You have to create a google account. Its easy just follow the prompt.

To be able to create a new post you will see at the top right had corner of the blog page (in the blue banner) your e mail address then a tab called NEW POST. Click on new post and you get e mail sort of inteface. From here its like using your e mail, add images etc.

I can do it and I'm techno challenged so lets all get on it and populate the site.



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