Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indiana Kneeriders Association

welcome to the IKA blog, hopefully in time as i work out how
this thing works i'll get some pics up etc etc....and if anyone
has anything to add please go for it..
ta craig


  1. Hey Craig, hope this works, next thing is to post a few pics and see how they look.
    cheers gray

  2. Nice work lads. Sorry I missed all the happenings last few days, back at the wheel now though. Will be good to see the site grow. When's the next surf session?

  3. Deeply privileged and chuffed being on the opening page of our in inaugural blog . Don't worry Brian your name is on fast dial come the next gathering as my ego hasn't been massaged like this since I had a sordid fortnight with Ayrton Senna's PR officer . Fuck I'd like to brag to someone about that one day once I've wedged a few in under the belt.

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  5. getting a set of C-FINS, new to the market...
    can find them using google

  6. Can't seem to be able to post any photos