Sunday, March 11, 2012

Squid's Back

You might say Squid never left . Well they did for me and many others . Over the years , through what ever influences , the original Squid kneelo grip has gone from not only the only choice for kneelos but the best grip to a pale impersonation of it's former glory .
From the original Dale Ponsford designed knee and tail grip it has changed from one piece to a two piece per kneepad ( financial influences ) , lost the tailpad's rail kicks ( again financial influences ) and gone thinner?! ( fuck knows whose misguided influence ) . All the while thank god the template has remained unchanged .
Well it's back . Now I've yet to have a yak with Matt to confirm this but going off the web sight sporting the newer 2012 models it's been returned to it's former glory . I guess he's had enough of whining kneelos reminiscing .
One piece kneepads which I believe may be 10mm and the return of the tail grip kickers . Sweet joyful Jesus . They have even improved the tailpad's kicker buy tapering them at the front to prevent the originals annoying jag up when laying prone to paddle .
Kneelo's rejoice and get behind a shit hot local product ,again , and see what happens if you mention the Indiana's .

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  1. have got some coming on tuesday to go on the new board matts a great fella and does the right thing on price to.Drops off to the door the next day if hes not away.