Friday, March 9, 2012

Windy Friday

went for a quick surf before work..stayed on the kneelo most of the time because it was a tubefest

was actually pretty heavy..looks like a good w'end..get into it


  1. Bean presume thats backbeach friday morning still plenty of swell around by the looks of it

    Also does anybody have a 6ft fishtail 4 fin kneeboard for sale contact Al either email or 0418 930132 had one made but not quite right on the thickness cheers

  2. yep back beach Al..i was going to derrs but it was windy and the swell was dropping so i kept going...
    found out today that derrs was as good as it gets on friday..and not crowded, its a funny place, can
    never quite work it out..does seem to like a clean swell though

  3. Some would say " a funny place " others would say HOAX !
    I reckon you scored the better option mate .

  4. just back from a sunday surf at back out at first light and only 3 of us out...reckon they are the best ive ever seen the banks up there...chest high sets breaking a fair way out and managed to pull into a couple of tubes on the take off and make them....felt a bit like tallows when its good, glassy and warm water too, had a look at hole on the way out and that looked really good too..could be a really good couple of months coming up

  5. Griz/Bean
    I surfed Derrs on thursday and it was all over the place but managed a couple of drops and a bottom turn and in my declining years of health that was about it! (lol)

  6. Looks much the same as Dolphin's on the same day, ultra sucky and way too offshore. Ended up with a football sized bruise to the ribs and a knackered shin from going over the falls and landing on my board. Still hobbling. And humbled.