Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEE PRO (also doing deckgrip) Hi there fellow Kneelos, I thought I might drop you a line to introduce you to my blog spot , these boards are some of my creations and more are being added as the orders come in.
I am also making my own brand of deck grip called TRAKTOR GRIP specially designed to suit all different size and shaped boards, made from 2 layers of closed cell EVA foam with a deep diamond pattern for grip
And 10mm thick for comfort. It consists of three pieces ( front, one pad.. Rear two tail pads ) and is another alternative to what’s on the limited market for kneelos .
For more info on my products please call me anytime.
Michael Watkins
NEE-PRO Kneeboards
got some pics now



  1. Obviously Parkes grip , photo's speak a thousand words .

    1. yes new parkes grip in this photo which i have tried and is also very good ,alternativley my grip is a three piece application designed to be more user friendly with different and varying board shapes in mind! 3 pieces means one less piece to stick down in the wrong spot unless you r a seasoned deck grip stickeronera :-p . front and rears are sold as a set or seperatly. Some of your club members already have photos for you to oogle over but in the mean time I intend to get some more detailed pics up as soon as poss.. Thanx for your interest in my products guys ,Happy surfing!! Kneehidesigns.

  2. Have you a photo of your grip I have 3 new boards on there way to grip up.