Friday, June 10, 2011

Another newby

Picked mine up today too, another Katana. Stringerless epoxy with carbon rails and deck.
5'10" by 23" by 2.5" rounded pin, deep single concave from nose to the engine room then into deep double with chine rails.
Have added an extra set of plugs so it can be surfed as a quad or a twinzer and more rolled rails than my other Katana. Weighs 3.4kg with all six fins in, so pretty damn light too. Can't wait to get this wet...


  1. Hey Great stuff this board look s unreal!

  2. Welcome to take her for a paddle anytime Mr Finnie, my fellow concave crusader.
    Can't thank you enough for your musings on KSUSA that lead me to exploring concaves, it's a whole new world...