Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hey all,
looking at ordering a set of these:
from Casey on KSUSA.
Anyone else want a set to cut down on shipping? Cost for the pad is $55usd shipping to WA $40usd, shipping will be the same for up to 3 or 4 sets....


  1. I'm in for a set!
    Look great to me and they are custom fit to your boards dimensions.

  2. Put me down for 2 sets. We were talking up chopping out some pads for the club, but mine, Willzy and Griz's boards will be arriving within 2 weeks and I want to hit the water straight away. They look the goods!
    Any idea of the shipping time?

  3. Message from Casey, forward your dims to me and I'll order:

    Hi Mick, Thank you for your interest in COVE PADS. In answer to your quesetions:
    1. Bat Design, Kung-Fu Grip $55 USD: A pad with no Kung-Fu Grip is $40.00 plus shipping. The groove is about 1/2 the depth of the pad thickness.
    2. Pad Thickness is 3/16 inch thick. 99% of my pads are single layer. Thickness can be layered for more thickness if desired.
    3. Peel and Stick adhesive. Never had one come up on my local installs. If you install it on a dirty surface (wax residue etc.) it will peel. Installation instructions explain all the prep details for a clean and proper install.
    4. Dimensions: Tell me the length of board, widest dim., dim 12 inches from tail. I have patterns for Flashpoint, Parks, Blast and Poison Dart. Any of these can be tailored to your shape.
    5. Shipping to WA: this is the sad part, $40.00 US Dollars. So the landed price is $95 USD for the Kung-Fu Grip Pad or $80 USD for no Kung-Fu Grip. Order 2 pads (split 1 ea for a buddy, cut your shipping in half, as the shipping cost in one box is the same). If you have friends traveling from California to WA, you could save the shipping.

    Thanks again, let me know if I can help with your pad design/order.

    Best Regards,
    Casey Patelski
    cell: 714 380 4968

  4. Any one pulled out a tape measure yet and checked out 3/16" . Hope you enjoy sore knees