Friday, June 10, 2011


there is a bunch of new boards coming over soon so i will get in first,
Drift thruster 5'8"x23x2.25 approx.....i hav'nt measured it to confirm,
just hope we get some waves soon to test it out

and yep it sais "bean" which may become "bea" after i put some
deckgrip on but more interested in how it will go, but looks like it should
be quick which is all i want.....the yellow board is now retired


  1. Nice mate , looks like it'll get a touch up later on in the week .

  2. RIP the yellow shooter.
    Nice graf spray job. 5'8" will be a gun for your kit Bean!

  3. Stay tune for the 4 ski-tails coming over in a week or 2 from Dale Ponsford. They are now getting glassed.
    2 for Gray, 1 for The Griz and my first one.
    Will definately be on down south that following weekend to give them a good dusting off.
    I'm excited!!!!!

  4. Nice board Bean. And now for a week of no waves...
    You'll be champin at the bit

  5. It's great to see you guys are getting boards from other than the main stream (not saying that David Parkes or Bruce don't make impressive boards, they both support Kneeboarding big time, especially David). Just that we are blessed in Oz with a number of world Class Kneeboard shapers. I have a number of Boards from Slatz and they just suit me. I've always admired the Screwtails from Mr. Donsford. Hopefully with my new job, I'll be able to catch up with some fellow Kneeboard sandgropers on my visits back to WA.