Friday, March 11, 2011


everyone is really stoked with the t-shirts / hats / stickers etc etc big thanks to all involved, i can see
a surf clothing business in the pipeline with such a professional looking final product      is the link to purchase, xmas presents
for the family were once difficult....but not any more


  1. Yeah well done to all involved. Feel like a Grommet again with all this gear.

    It is our intention to do a daily blog with pictures of the worlds in a weeks time. Starts Sat 19 March.
    Griz is packing a padded bag to bring the trophy(s) home!!!!

    Stay tuned.
    How good would that be????

  2. On another note to those of you who did not attend the club meeting on Wednesday night when club merchandise was distributed ( 7 members ) I have your T-shirts . To get them , next time you plan on attending a club gathering , meeting or comp phone or email me and I will bring along your t-shirt . Of if you are planning on coming down to Secret Harbour for a surf , again let me know .

    And so you are all aware.........they are all in my size!