Thursday, March 10, 2011


another option for a locally made kneeboard is Katana, i am not sure how they go
but if anyone has some feedback then reply to the post, i went into the shop in
Osborne Park and seen a new board being made and it looked pretty good,
i've never seen a Katana kneeboard in the water but they are out there


  1. Came across Katana website a while ago while looking for a local shaper for my son
    ( surfboard ) and although the photo depicts a reasonable looking plan-shape , though I'm sus on the nose , again ...I will bet my sacred and precious third testicle that it is not shaped by a kneelo . So therefore why would you touch one .
    Looking forward to casting an eye over Dean's two newies from Hart when they arrive ......not as much as him though as we're off to the worlds in a week!

  2. i hear what you are saying Griz...but i would
    buy a kneeboard shaped by Darren Handley and
    how good a kneelo is Bruce? old flashpoint has a few issues but is perfect in a certain type of wave, the only shape that makes sense to me at the moment is Blairs creation (but smaller and thinner) everyone will have flexi fins one day

  3. Bean the newby you saw being shaped is mine, as we discussed today.
    I got sick and tired of trying to describe via phone and email what I wanted to east coast shapers.
    The last custom I had shaped (Oct '10) is a brilliant board in anything 3ft plus and lined up but is a complete dog under that. Just goes backwards in the tube.
    I told the shaper excactly what I wanted the board to do and still ended up with the polar opposite, something built for 6ft Winki.
    Don't get me wrong it's a gorgeous board and perfect for medium to large sized lined up waves. It's just not what I ordered.
    Had exactly the same problem with the only (and ever) board that I ordered off Hart a decade or more ago.
    I find that shapers build boards to suit their local conditions and it's a very hard habit to break.
    When I tell a shaper that I want a board for surfing pus and that shaper's local is Bells, Winki, Dee Why, Kirra, Lennox etc etc I reckon his idea of pus is far removed from mine.
    Hopefully this one'll turn out alright and we'll all have a local shaper that we can support and that understands our local waves.

  4. Quite obviously you choose a certain shaper going off what boards of his you have seen . Whether that be off a web site or what you have physically seen and held . So you like what you see, make a choice , and lay down the cash . You know what you are getting ! long as the shaper has got your correct weight the board is made accordingly.
    Horses for courses just does not wash these days , I don't get anything different for Indo , down south or the friggin Harbour . They are all just waves .
    In my opinion , and I will confirm in about a week and a half's time , 99.9% of ALL ( worldwide )kneelos get their boards shaped by either one of only 5 kneelo shapers . This is for a very obvious reason , all they have ever shaped and will ever shape is kneeboards , not Handley , not Merrick , not Simon Anderson ( although Ken Horton used to get a few off him )They simply don't care for kneeboards .........And if they don't , what are the chances some hack in Perth does , no matter what the pitch!

  5. Had this problem with Parksey with my first email order but when I went to Byron and explained face to face with him I got what I wanted.

  6. After a mate ordered a custom (stand up) from Katana dont know if I would go there, 2 reasons firstly and this was my opinion I am sus on the construction, His board looked "hurried" with a rough finish and even pin holes in the glass (epoxy) finish. Secondly (my mates opinion) the guy didnt listen to a word he said in the shape, he tokk two of his boards down and explained what he liked about the two boards and what he didnt ,had a long discussion and all agreed on what was didnt turn out that way my mate was very disappointed.
    My 2 cents..I hope he does get a good thing going Mick let us know..Just watch the finish he gives you is all I can suggest.

    Austo/ Stu

  7. Stoked with the board, one of the best I've ever had. Soooo quick and does exactly what I wanted it to do. Shaped as I wanted it shaped,although Dave had suggested I make some changes, I declined. Deep (1/2") single concave nose to tail with chine rails, love it, fast, fast, faaaaast. Finish perhaps not as flash as a glass board, but I'm happy with it.

    Really happy with the epoxy much more float than my normal boards and seems much harder wearing, nailed a couple of floaters today that would've caved the deck on my Strapper and not a mark. Seems to really torque out of turns too producing shitloads of speed.

    I'll definately be getting more boards shaped by Dave and I can't really recommend him any higher than that.

  8. Good to hear Micko, how was the price..maybe if we get behind him with collective thoughts his kneelo shaping will develop to match the veteran shapers in the near future. Wheres the Pix!


  9. I can't work out how to post pics (or start a thread) on here Stu, will put something in the new boards section on KSUSA.