Wednesday, March 16, 2011

and click on the pics on the top RHS....these boards look really good, anyone got any experience or knowledge of them.?


  1. Contrary to popular belief Express are not a recent entry into the kneeboard market . Living in Maroubra as a member of the Southside Kneeriders Club through the mid 80's , and knowing a lot of mates from Cronulla I got to see a lot of Express boards . Made down that way they were especially popular with those guys more so than around the Bra .
    I do recall as a grom ( and a red hot ,aerial barrel rolling one at that ) Gavin Coleman rode Paul Armstrong's their limits! Numerous others such as Adam Justice , Rob Rennie and possibly Mark Ashby all helped to progress these shapes of the time .
    Much like our Odyssey Surfboards of the late 70's early 80's the majority of boards leaving that shop during the period I am familiar with were kneeboards and with a large clientele and an obvious commitment to refinement , they were and are a quality craft .
    If you have ever seen Matt Gallagher surf this is testiment to the fact he wouldn't waste time on a dud option .

  2. sounds good, from the pics they look like nice boards but it is easy to get influenced by such
    pretty sprayjobs