Friday, August 20, 2010

Pasta Point?

So when you going to start chanting about your little surf junket to the Maldives Dean?Photos?Conquests?Received injuries?Dished out injuries etc. etc.Was there 15 years ago and rate it highly.Not a bad joint to load up a boat full of kneelos and run amuck.Anyone else been sneaking in a few they would care to disclose?


  1. Had a great surf with Blair at Derrs on Monday, might try to squeeze one in Tuesday morning before I head up to Dowerin for the field days.

  2. surfed derrs on Thurs. small but nice
    is secret harbour worth the petrol Griz?
    hoping for Leighton perhaps on Sunday
    if the 3-4m swell does happen (southerly winds)
    but not holding my breath....

  3. Mate don't know whats going on at home at the moment as I'm floating around off Barrow at the moment watching all that swell piss right on past me on the way to Bali . Been keeping an eye on the surf report and has'nt sounded too flash , but you know what happens if all your surfs are ruled by the net .