Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just back from cocos, what a spot! Super chilled out place place to surf and if you like sans crowd this is the place. In the whole week I only had one session with anyone else out! The trade winds blow off shore relentlessly so you could surf all day, just had to watch the tides. Everything runs on island time so everything happens at a nice easy pace, no stress.....Only danger is falling coconuts.




  1. so where did you far from the airport etc...dont know anything about the place but
    have heard some good reports over the years..

  2. El Presidente , wondered when you'd chime in .So what's the reason for all the lonely surfs mate , was it only six inches or was there personel hygene issues clearing the water , come on mate fess up .
    On a very temporary serious note whate is the low down on this joint and if the underground surf yarns hold any water why is'nt it high on every surf nazi's hit it list?

  3. Think small island boys! The airport gets 3 planes per week and the runway doubles as a golf course for the rest of the week....Minimal accommodation on the island and is spitting distance from the airport, everything is spitting distance from the airport. There only about 100 odd people on West insland so that gives you an idea of scale. You have to put up with being fucked around by virgin blue and its probably 3 times more expensive than a Bali trip.....BUT...waves are good, not epic when I was there, but I know enough crew over the years who have surfed it and it gets good and in my book uncrowded waves rock, though I was beginning to think I had a stench with no other crew around. Its low key, no promotion, the only sign to the surf spots is a pink thong hanging on a fence!
    If you were into kite surfing the place is paradise for water sports.

    When you back on land Griz?? need to catch up for a pint and a paddle

  4. El Presidente , back on Wednesday and will be tonguein for some salt water between my toes and some beer past my teeth , will be keeping an eye on Wedge the following weekend .