Monday, August 2, 2010

Gathering 1 August - YEEOOW!!

How good was the Sunday gathering????  the kneelo crew along with a fair few standup crew scored big time. All day off shore with waves in the 2-3ft range, with the odd bigger, but there were just peaks everywhere. Surfed for 3 1/2 hours and got some sweet waves, but not as good as some of the usual suspects .....Blair and Dean getting slotted off there heads. Blair reckons its the best surf he's had since Gnarloo! (he's only been back 2 weeks,,haha)
The only part of me that doesnt ache today is my left ear lobe, but it was worth it and I'm super stoked.

See you all next time and hope the waves are as good.

Good luck to Dean, whos jetting off for a 10 days solo trip to Pasta Point in the Maldives.....How he got the leave pass is a mystery. I'm off to Cocos island later this month, supposed to be sweet waves and sans crowd factor!!

Cheers for making the effort lads.



  1. Mick and I surfed a break just south of where Gray and the boys were. I keep reliving in my head 3 barrells that I snagged. Unfortunately the good sets were really patchy but well worth the wait and the drive. Good to hear the rest of you scored as well.
    Thanks again for the lift Mick!

  2. I don't know .....sounds kind of average.....couple of porkies Gray? Could'nt have been better than floating around in the middle of fukn no- where with 80 other blokes?

  3. You'll love the Cocos Gray, really soft fluffy waves that are lots of fun. It looks like live coral but it's really just a sponge bottom. Just take off on anything and pull in, you'll be fine.
    Oh and don't worry about the sharks either, apparently they're all pets. Just be confident and reach out and give 'em a scratch under the chin, they like that.

    And Dean? You're just an arse!!

    Little left that Willzy and I had wasn't too bad at all. Nice and quick and almost enough grunt to push my lardarse along. Willzy got a couple of crackers.