Sunday, February 10, 2013

had a play around with helmet cam at back beach  .....yes makes you look very weird. only to be used when no-one around.....massive southerly swell at 5.5meters hitting the south coast this w'end but not getting into the metro beachies, very frustrating


  1. Where was the invite? kept that little mission quiet!!
    Looks like you blokes scored..



  2. the usual lack of planning Gray...was looking at the swell buoys
    early in the morning wondering if there was a wave to be had..
    thought may as well other chance of a wave for the next week or so...

  3. Dont ever worry what people think of you wearing the helmat cam mate...I wore one surfing Lefties a few years back and got a few funny looks but who cares? we are riding a kneeboard to start with eh?