Monday, February 4, 2013

And then there was WAK

Once Walanyi disolved WAK was formed.
From memory Fitzy had a lot to do with its creation.
I'm pretty sure Griz wasn't asked to join this club either........


  1. Don't know what I was thinking . Too many Indo barrels than I knew what to do with , or hanging out with Fitzy at Scabs!

  2. cant remember if i joined WAK....pretty sure i joined in 1984. and thought the club at that time was called WAKA
    without the N)can remember a t-shirt getting made but sure it had a different logo than the one above...remember my first comp at the spot (on my twin fin with kneewells)Fitzy later got the Alternative Surf W'end going..great comp and great prizes

  3. Fitzy and I used to drive around picking up sponsors prizes.
    The photocopier at my work used to work overtime.
    Question: Who won both of the Alternative Surf Weekend comps in the kneeboard section?

  4. good question...really dont know.
    i can remember losing one final to Mullet where a new board was first prize....i had won but caught a wave on the final siren...and got up a split second later.....harsh lesson

  5. pssst... I'll show you my 2 trophies on 23rd.