Sunday, January 27, 2013


The long lost icon for Walanyi Kneeboard Riders Club WA has been found thanks to Mal.

This club was the foundation of getting kneeboarders in WA to meet and become a strong voice in WASRA (West Australian Surfriders Association) during the 70's and 80's.

It was the pinacle of Kneeboarding in WA

I believe Blair and a few others formed the club but would love to hear from others how it came about and who the initiators were involved.

My first contact was when they were having a comp at The Spot in about 1977. Paul Raper was a stand out at that comp on his greenish coloured fish tail. It was the first time I had ever seen anyone make a wave right across the reef to the sand pit.



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    1. You bunch of elitist snobs , I was never asked to join up ! ( can't imagine why !? ) The name is aboriginal for kneel down and ........... what?
      Dig the Adonis action going on too .

  2. I remember being invited to join by Blair after meeting him out in the water one time from memory I may have had some input in the logo or submitted some ideas also meetings at KT tavern and Fitzys den at brighton beach

  3. classic...
    where did the name come from?

  4. Griz

    You spent most of your time in indo didn't you? does anyone remember a wild ranga haired kneeboarder who went by the name of pieman? even had a picture on the back of his little van with a pie in sunnies holding a kneeboard he was truly a nutter but very good kneeboarder