Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mid West

 Just back from a week in the mid west, what a great stretch of coast! Only managed a few surfs between family outings but the ones I had were fun. This is one wave from the morning that Lise came along with the kids.

I surfed this the week before on a W swell and it was completely different, long soft rights that broke along the beach almost like a point. The morning above it was a S-SW swell and it was altogether another beast, 2-4ft but thick and wedgy with heaps of grunt. The big ones were really hard to get into and even harder to get out of.
I got clipped in the head trying to sneak out the doggie door on a bigger one and just got drilled face first into the bank, then up and over the falls for a return visit. Best drubbing I've had on a beachie in a long time. It actually reminded me a bit of Boodji on this morning, almost a closeout but not quite.

The next morning was small enough for a swell magnet down the road a bit. The Jurien buoy was out of action but Rotto was showing 1.07 and the wave I surfed was a proper 3-4ft with the odd bigger one. Really long hollow lefts that linked up with backdoor sections, the rights were shorter but just going square.

Would be worth a look for a weekend trip for the club I reckon, there's some really good waves over a 50-70k stretch of coast ranging from beachies, to point like reefs, to slabs with lots of options for accomodation. The joint above is smack bang in the middle of it all, so would make a pretty good base, long weekend in March maybe??


  1. On occasions there is some very good shore based fishing options thru that area for those that don't mind exploring as well

  2. bit of a fancy manouvre on that last pic Micko..bit of water up the snozza

  3. It's my patented high velocity head dip.