Friday, August 31, 2012


Mike and I were casually yakking with Steve Del Rosso of Clearwater Surfboards about a local bloke who ordered a kneelo off him . Understandably ,  he in turn was perhaps discretely picking our brains for  directions or tips he could take into the shaping bay  ( then Mike showed him his skitail and nothing made any sense ) Can't blame him really because the last time he put planer to foam for a kneelo was for another local bloke at least 10 years ago and the results were not surprisingly  ,ahh , guesswork at best . Really just a fat version of one of his surfboard models and I guess what else could you expect .
Gray just flicked  me these images of the owners newie , hope you don't mind Radar , and I'll have to stubbornly confess it's an impressive effort . Those of you who are familiar with my opinion about surfboard shapers butchering a kneelo attempt will be surprised to hear this but you have to agree it is proportionate and even the fin placement does look well...........right . Would be interested to know the dimensions Radar just to confirm how much guess work on Steve's behalf went into it .

No Fitzy , no Katana but definitely the best local effort I've seen in 30 years .


  1. yep the outline looks interesting to
    see the rocker etc. and just how it goes, seen a couple of Clearwater boards in the water and was
    impressed with the glass jobs, very nicely finished as this board looks

  2. Don't mind at all the dimensions are 5'2" x 231/2" and I think 2" thickness, it's defiantly more suited to the beach breaks IE:Secret Harbour but had no problems over in Bali at Legian Beach. Now looking at another board to get made up by Dave Parkes later next year one of his Malibu performance boards to grab the slow powerless waves that are down at Avalon Point and during summer. Thanks for the comments. cheers Radar

  3. correction to dimensions 5'2" x 231/2" x 21/2" I showed steve my current board at the time an old 70's retro from Dale Ponsford 5'6" x 231/2 x 21/2"