Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Club Meet

its the last weekend of the month this w'end so pencil in Saturday for a club meet if you are keen,
there is nothing planned as Gray is pretty busy but if the swell and wind are as per the forecast
then lano/wedge could be a go......usual spots

Friday update...a few guys going up, chance of a new swell arriving, some guys heading for lano first and trying to head north from there (bit of a risk but rewards could be there)....maybe ring around on the way up to see whats going on...
apparently no banks today at back beach......


  1. Whish I could attend as it looks like you know where will be on. Been a while since conditions have lined up like that. Please , please someone pull into a few nugs for me. 10 meters + tomorrow here and miserable.

  2. Griz

    My heart goes out to ya nah just joking i'm sure one us aging bastards should catch a wave or 2 for you
    no doubt you will be enjoying some spring action soon


  3. you didnt miss much Griz, pretty wobbley looking new swell
    so surfed Eddies, it looked head high, ended up being much bigger,
    soon got sick of being rolled so we ended up at back beach and that was pretty average, scored pretty good head high derrs on the way would have loved it

  4. Mmmmmm , Ders & Eddies , favourites . Not worth going further north?

  5. first up the wind was SE and the swell had lots of morning sickness (looked ugly), Willsy and Al were on there way and had to bail early so i stayed at lano to have a surf with a few out at Eddies but my board (and i) couldnt really handle it