Tuesday, April 12, 2011


good to see the crowds finally dissapearing with a bit of colder weather,
only 5 out at trigg point today with messy head high onshore waves...
the rips are running and the banks are starting to form, should be some
good waves in the coming weeks, with the crappy conditions i took the
GOPRO out for a bit of a test and this is what i came up with
click on the title....
waiting for the next club meet / comp to get some video of everyone from the water



  1. Very impressive mate , cant wait to se the results in some Wedge pits . Got me thinking how much more I can make a media whore of myself!

  2. was really easy to edit using windows movie maker, which comes standard with windows...
    i tried again this morning but with the camera on
    my wrist, but i flap my arms around too much,
    got a really big closeout tube where i hit the
    backwash and flew superman style thru the barrel but the camera wasnt pointing the right way and so missed it all, could be some banks down your way when you get home

  3. Makes you respect Greenough and his 20lb monstrosity all the more doesn't it?

  4. Nice work Bean. You have officially outstripped Griz for the media hewhore title! I'm gonna have to start getting out in the frosty mornings by the looks of it.