Saturday, April 9, 2011

Greg Geddes Kneeboards

classic looking bat tail kneeboards, looks like they go ok with some of Greg's design philosophy on the vid


  1. The guy's an absolute monster in the small stuff and throw in the distraction that I still use those doona covers , what chance did I have of getting out of his heat!
    And he doesn't own a wet suit????

  2. The bloke shreds, there must be something to be said about doing most of your surfing in the pitch black at North Narabeen!! Aparently he's out there at 4am.

  3. They say kneelos are a bit "different" Keg certainly seems to fit the bill

  4. Really nice guy. Very unique ideas which is so typical of Kneelos. Surfs really well!
    Check out the peak of his cap. Certainly got his money's worth out of that sucker.