Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Worlds

Results can be found by pressing "The Worlds" heading above to take you to the ksusa site.

Some photos to show the terrible conditions for the finals.

An unforgetable trip for Griz, Dean, Gray and myself.

Try and do yourself a favour and go to the next Worlds in Tahiti May/June 2013.


  1. I might also add Willsy ( Montgomery Burns ) what a fine job you did of keeping the blog updated . Sure you guys will agree that we surprised ourselves how far we progressed through the rounds and how cool was it having our own personel GPS ( Ponsford )
    Let no one within the club think they don't have what it takes to take down a few names , and the Hawksy's and Noys out there could do some serious damage . Seeing the top kneelos in the world does heaps for your own aspirations and teaches your how hard a lip can be belted and worth the trip just to soak that up .Thanks Gray for planting the seed all that time ago .
    And as can be witnessed in the lineup of boards in the previous post , just as I suspected , not one board was shaped by a surfboard shaper .
    Go figure!

  2. True words spoken by Griz, our boys made a serious dent and I dont suspect anyone had any expectations from the Western contingent. Valuable lesson learnt by Dean is never bring your unridden boards to a world title fist fight!!