Monday, March 28, 2011


Deep single concave nose to tail quad with chine rails. Stringerless with carbon rails and deck strips under timber deck.

Deck design is a cloth inlay, a sarong that I bought on my first trip to Indo many moons ago. Love this thing, one of the best boards I've ever had. Sooo fast. Cost was $720 (I think), without fins.




  1. Thanks for sticking that up bean. Buggered if I can work out how to start new threads or post pics on here.
    Looks like it might get a wet tommorrow too!

  2. Nice looking board, what size is it? Over the last 6 months I have been using quad setup on two of my boards a 6'8" Dibben and a McTavish old school 5'8". The quads seem to hang in in critical beechie waves like Trigg. - Grinder

  3. 5'10" by 23" by 3" although the 1/2 inch concave takes a bit of meat out of it.
    I think the next one will start at 2 1/2" and then take the concave out.
    If anything this has a bit too much float for me and I'm 110kg.

  4. I went and had a yarn with Dave on monday, i had a look at their stringerless boards very impressed. I have a board comming from McTavish (an old school shoe) and a balsa paipo from Richard Harvey so the bank manager is going to be pissed for a bit but definitely looking at Katanna for my next board - Grinder

  5. Grinder if you've never surfed something with a big concave before give it a crack. I've had this out a few times now ranging from clean sucky 2-3ft beachies to fat, crappy onshore Derrs and can only say that this is by far the best board I've ever surfed. Need thicker pads though my left knee's pretty rooted at present.

  6. Micko, was the board shape taken off a template? I had a glass board shaped by Dave at Katana years ago and it was crap.

  7. looked pretty quick to me at derrs, it wasnt
    powerful yet you were flying along (and getting
    plenty of waves) looking at how deep the concave is accross the nose i think the rocker
    becomes longer and stays flat, which can only
    increase paddling power and speed, be interesting to see how it would go as a 3 fin

  8. Anon, I doubt it as the board was shaped pretty much to my specs. Who knows though, mighta been a cross between my thoughts and a template of Daves?

    Bean, wash your foul mouth out! Thrusters? HMMPH!!

  9. Looks good though Micko, I'm very interested in epoxy at the moment as I weigh the same as you and am frustrated having to have such large boards.