Saturday, February 5, 2011

Club Merchandise

"G'day gang ,
club T-shirts are on the way for all those financial members who threw their hands up and should arrive in about a week and a half so keep an eye out for the next gathering so we can distribute them .

Those of you who would like to purchase any other gear with the club logo blazing across it should log onto and enter 'kneelo' in the search box . A really good , convenient sight to score club T's ( long or short sleeve) , hoodies , stickers etc. printed on top quality ' American Apparel ' 100% cotton garments . 4 or more orders and the mailing is free to your door .

All very reasonably priced compared to surf shop prices and all proceeds go straight back into the club . So for that next special occasion when you cant think of anything for the missus and kids ....BINGO!

Finally those of you who would like an embroidered club hat please reply to this post as I am about to put in an order . Quality 'flexifit ' hats with full colour logo.......should be sick .
Those that reply will be forwarded the club bank details to send payment , should be about $30.00 possibly cheaper if I get the numbers . ...........Please reply ASAP

Those of us attending the woulds decked out in this clobber will probably closely resemble a kneelo equivalent of Liberace>GRIZ"

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