Monday, January 31, 2011

Boards and WA shapers


Had a call from Todd, who surfs up in the northern beaches of Perth, Yanchep area with a couple of other kneelos. He's looking to get back into this great sport and even join the club.

As we know getting someone to shape you a board in Perth has its problems, does anyone know any good reliable kneeboard shapers that you would recommend locally?

He's also keen to maybe pick up a 2nd hand board so all you who have spares lying around get in touch. Todd 0437 660 004, or post to the blog.




  1. I called Mark Fitzpatrick and gave him Todd's number. I have 5 of Marks boards from 5'8'' to 6'2'' and they fly.

    1. Hey, I've lost touch with fitzy and have had 3 boards from him, all crackers that handled WA waves so well. I used to have a flashpoint that was great in east coast waves but just didnt work in WA, appreciate if you can send contact for fitzy.

  2. Dave Parkes makes great boards. Prices are pretty good too. just google him and get contact details from the website.

  3. G'day Todd ,
    welcome aboard , can't sought you out with a newy but I will give you my slant on local as opposed to quality east cost shapes . DON'T WAST YOUR DOUGH ON LOCAL. If you are truly serious about your surfing look to a few of the committed shapers such as Hart , Parkes , Ponsford , Luke and a couple others because what is shape local is simply........not serious ! These blokes have been at the forefront of WORLD kneeboard progression for a very long time and know their shit and don't think you'll be paying much more to have one sent to you as my last one added a measly $70 to the total . Maybe Alex Noy is willing to trim his stockpile ?