Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hawaii has been fantastic so far.

Took a boat trip to watch the lava flow into the ocean at sunset... amazing!

Waves have been small but managed only one surf so far.

Have been to Kona - Big Island which was my favourite place so far... very laid back!
The photo of the bay showed some real potential but too small to surf!

Currently in Maui which has some nicer beaches but more up market.. hotels everywhere... but crowds no problem. Off to North Shore on Wednesday but I think the comp is on so I may have to drop in on Taj and Co at Pipe. Do you think they will get angry?

The water temperature here is amazing. I is refreshing yet warm enough to stay in all day.

Hope to get some waves soon.


  1. just checked out some of the north shore
    surfcams from this morning and the waves look
    good about 4-5 ft...you should score a wave when you get there

  2. Always wondered what it would be like calling off a local on a 10 foot ( Hawaiian 10 foot ) Sunset north peak so while your there , and if you don't mind , could you investigate this a bit further for me , seeing as your there and all . Been wondering about Backdoor to .
    Aloha Willsy from the Indianas .

  3. Griz why are you worried about a Backdoor????
    Pipe was about 5 foot today. Might give it a nudge tomorrow. Have still had some good waves. Sunset issuch a wicked wave. It is really fast and has so much power. One of the best waves I saw today was Rocky point.
    The crew are getting some pratice for the Vans comp that starts tomorrow. Guys are doing fully 360 spins in the air and making it time and time again. I will try and post some more photos.