Saturday, October 30, 2010

October trip to the Bombing Range

dont follow me i'm lost too.....and we were as we tried to find the main track from wedge to the bombing range....the beach is  still a bit soft near south rocks and there are so many rabbit tracks to get lost on behind the dunes, when we arrived the wind was a typical lano 30 knot offshore and the swell had done an overnight runner, thanks to Willzy for taking the pics and good luck on your trip to Hawaii, look forward to
seeing some pics of you at Pipeline and Sunset taking those big late drops


  1. Finally got a couple of yourself up Beanz or should you now be known as "GPS" ?Got there in the end though and everyone knows had we not gone for it we would have gone without .I was down the beach some what and am disappointed Willsy could'nt be shagged trudging up there to sit on the dunes and get sand blasted for an hour and a half till I caught wave , most inconsiderate . May all your drops in Hawaii be freefalls mate . Make sure you keep us blogged up with all your conquests .End of the day always a pleasure to hook up with the Indianas and meet a couple of newer members . A notable absence was the ElPresidente keeping an eye on his flock , get well soon stallion , I don't know how much longer I can keep claiming your quota of barrels .

  2. Griz, I would have but was still trembling from the trip. I reckon Mick got the wave of the day... a nice big left that he ripped apart almost to the beach.
    Good to catch up and I will try and load some shots on the blog from Hawaii.