Sunday, July 7, 2013


The morning started off slowly, the temp was down to 3 degrees and the car was warning me of  potential black ice on the road (secret harbour)?....the swell was tiny the day before but a new swell was forecast......on arrival a nice little rip bank had a 1 foot left peeling along slowly....the comp was on......waves were a bit hit and miss and the heats were tight....only half a point tight...a bit off luck to snag a wave was required always is the case

as the morning warmed up so did the waves...they doubled in size and now it was 2 foot, some head dips turned into barrels and the odd turn started to happen....waves weren't great but it was fun

as the onshore wafted in, then back out again we finally made it to the finals...a few nice waves came and everyone got there the end of the day a big congratulations to Greg Budgen on winning the 2013 INDIANA KNEERIDERS CUP....well done Budgie

a huge thanks to everyone for turning up...and to Griz for the bbq afterwards, a perfect finish to a great day.


  1. Great day and Bean you forgot to mention that you got a credible 2nd.

  2. two 2nd's in a row.....some fun waves on a day I wouldn't have gone for a surf

  3. Bean, I had you as the winner by a hair on my score card, but the average from the contest judging panel put Budgy in front. I'm sure Parko and Slater have felt robbed in the past!, thems the breaks.. You definitely got the award for the most waves surfed, I was running out of paper to score you!
    But how good a day was it? Awesome! As Bean says you wouldn't have got wet normally, but add a bit of spice and competition and suddenly its ON and it was more than surfable. Thanks to everyone for attending and to Griz for putting the hospitality at the end.

    I'm planning another comp later in the year, there great for the club morale.



  4. Watching the whippets make a mess of it was truly disheartening but Budgie's overall froth was the clincher .
    You could have mistaken he was contending the World's! Watching Beanz and Monty wreck 2 footers was just awesome to witness .
    At least I won the caterer's award!