Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Metro GW

Rohan flicked me this!

heading out to seal island for a surf and about 200m out of hillarys marina ran over the top of something big, thought it might have been a seal, turned around to have a look and saw a big male white as long as our 4.2m dinghy. did small circles following it, or it was following us? he came up and gave us the stink eye. average footage but you get the idea. one pm on a bright sunny day 3 days before the guy at wedge got taken.

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  1. Know a guy that surfs the island regularly for the last 20 odd years, he has had several encounters with them over the years tells a story of surfing solo out there and making his way back to the boat after spotting one, he still claims he was whimpering like a child as he was paddling,scary shit!, its a good wave option for Perth if you got a tinny, having surfed it quite a few times I must admit the paddle across the channel to your boat can get the imagination stirring.