Saturday, March 24, 2012


wasnt expecting any waves, dodgey southerly swell.....went anyway because it was such a nice day,
good day for some pics

waves were pretty average but there was the odd freak set coming thru at back beach....would have been ok except a malibu club decided to bring a crowd to one of the best spots,,,,,some people just dont get it...stay in town if thats what you want


  1. I'll word up my brother in law Micko , who do they think they are going all that way when Isolated would've been dribbling through .

  2. posted by Bean....funny day. knee high, waist high sets and a shoulder high bomby set every 15 mins or so, Mals were out of control, imagine turning up to a semi-secret spot after a 2 hour drive and seeing 25 mals out...what the f?.