Sunday, February 12, 2012


FOR SALE - GUMTREE....................Looks good for $250


  1. Looks good providing the photo wasn't taken in 1993 . One of Fitz's ground breaking shapes ?

  2. Hey thats my old board !, you sellin it for more than I sold it to you for. GROSS PROFIT MAKING! ha!


  3. looks like my current board (except for the pretty colours), best board i ever had was
    a 1986 - 5'4" double flyer rounded pin thruster by Fitzy, great when i was 50kg, actually won a heat against Farrer on it (he was coming off a knee injury and there were no waves in the heat)...and that was the last time i went in a comp, except for the Indianna kneelo comp we had where Blair took the title...when is the next comp? maybe have to make some waves in Griz's pool coz the ocean is flat
    for the immediate future

  4. What you weigh now beanz 52kg?

  5. More like 32kgs when he is wet!

  6. I reckon a 2012 comp is on the cards if we can herd enough cats to take part. A dozen crew and its on.
    I'm going to send an e mail out in the next couple of week to stir the club back into life and get some action started for 2012.
    Got a wave a honeycombs on Friday avo, very average, but there was another kneelo in the water riding a twinnie.

  7. backbeach has waves at the moment...if not we can take the comp to the bakery or pub, on a serious note...talking to Steve Hannett this morning, he had a 10ft + tiger shark swim at him and under as he took a wave out at hole-in-the-wall....(the day we had rain/lightning..remember the airport shutdown) he reckons he just lay down all the way to the boat...left 2 mates out there....and he couldnt start the motor..but eventually got to them and all safely in...i wont be doing the big paddle this year

    1. do you know hog hannett? if so, can you pass onto him my email address. ric chan -