Tuesday, January 31, 2012


4 boards for sale as shown, call
Aaron Potter
m 0411 870 008


  1. Aaron
    I'm heading back to North Shore Hawaii in November and wouldn't mind a big board just in case.
    That 6' 2" looks a hoot. Have you ridden it in big waves and does it turn OK for a long board?
    I'm only 70kgs so need make sure I can turn the beast.

  2. Hi Willzy,

    The 6'2" has gone, sorry. I have the Fitzy 6'0" rounded pin left which is a good bigger wave board with a good outline. Glassed in outside fins. I am 86kg so it may have had too much meat in it for you.

    Aaron 0411 870 008

  3. hey wanted to know alitte more about the 6' 23.1/4 quad swallowtail $300, suit wot type of conditions and is the board still up for sale ( i am 6' and 97/98 kg )up on weight due to a recent festive season !

  4. All Gone! Sorry The 6 Swallow tail was sweet and is now on a trip around Aus with its new owner! Hopefully staying very wet!