Sunday, November 13, 2011

New local

Had enough of the ratrace, put an offer in on a place just up the road from here this arvo.


  1. You know I'd love to comment Beanz , but what the fuck am I looking at .

  2. Not Bean Griz 'tis Micko click on the title, links to a vid of Gearies better than I've ever seen it.
    And to be honest, it's not that I'm sick of the ratrace it's just that I can't stand the thought of not seeing your smiling face more often.
    So were moving to Falcon.

  3. you two will be dropping in on each other
    all summer....the numbers in the water have
    been down lately, gotta love all these sharks about.....but. i had a seal swim under me taking off at scabs on sunday morning, grey sky...i was out by myself in 2 foot onshore slop, i think the seal was trying to hide behind me for some reason......

  4. You won't be seeing my " smiling? " face down there amongst all your mal riding mates , more likely see A.Noy as he still believes the Avalon myth .

  5. It's more Pyramids and a couple of other spots down there that float my boat Griz, besides I'll only be 20mins down the road from yours. Beats the hell out of the hour plus it takes me now.
    Here's another little ledge that'll be a few minutes away.
    You might have to cut and paste that one.

  6. You can share boards with each other