Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday morning part 2

two good sunday's in a row...very rare in Perth, really good waves at Scarborough this morning but it did'nt last long, the swell got close to 4.5 meters with a clean nor-east wind, the crowd factor was there and with guys like Antman sitting out the back pulling in really deep on the easily o'head bombs, it wasnt easy to snag a decent one (the fisheye lense setting on the gopro makes the waves look half their size


  1. we got royally scunted at Wedge. Swell was off the dial but so was the wind. It howled all morning unitl we made a retreat. Brought half the beach back in the car plus some blow flies that were sniffing around Griz!

  2. Gray ,
    Flies on me ? Quick to shirt the blame aren't you ? Guess it had nothing to do with your bath-time frequency or the mountain of half eaten pizzas and Mackas that have set up camp in your 4 wheeled compost tumbler . But yes one of the few times I've been genuinely roggered on a Wedge mission . Once the wind dropped went searching down Mandurah way for something that could handle the swell and still didn't get wet !
    Who's the kneelo in the frame grab Beanz ?

  3. forgotten his name Griz...but he is a really good kneelo who frequents the scabs/trigg area
    when there is a wave on

    you guys should have gone to derrs...Griz you would've loved it,,,4.5m swell. 16 seconds,,,it might have had enough push ,, maybe...the next spot up the beach would have had a tube

  4. Beanz I don't have to remind you of my opinion of Derrs but I would imagine it would have been not only a burger but a blown out burger to boot . You'd think I'd froth on the joint being a right but no amount of attempted talking up of the place will have me believe it is anything more than what I've always believed it to be .............a MYTH !
    President of the Two Rocks boardriders is a mate of mine , a natural footer , and he describes it with similar disdain..........MYTH !

  5. Al and i went there Saturday and couldnt bring ourselves to go out amoungst the 80 odd crowd. have to say that it was heaps better than The Spot though. It is the worst winter ever for The Spot.

  6. Monty perhaps you should get on down my way a bit more often cause I rate it as the best winter since I've been living here ( 9 years ) but keep it a secret will ya .