Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday waves

there were'nt too many with a long wait for the sets but i'd rather surf than meet the queen, more of a mal wave than a kneelo wave, the banks are still really deep, there was the odd good wave as you can see from the pics


  1. griz was right, should have listened to Beans wave antenna! there will be nothing on offer for days now!! that said, I can imagine the fly status...

  2. Just getting up there and paddling out through that sparkling blue water is worthy of a drive away from a flat Perth ..........and as for the fly issue.......they hate barrels!

  3. were'nt too many fly's...the word was out about a crazy big bbq with 6 tonne of sausages, i didnt get there until after 9, i left at 3 and it was blowing ese about 10-15 knots, i seen guys rolling up with a rack full of boards heading down the track towards the bombing range. the beach north had a dozen 2wd's on it so i reckon the bombing range might be open for business...& probably a couple of foot bigger down there, makes me wonder what could have been