Thursday, September 1, 2011


Another surfboard/kneeboard manufacturer out there who we havnt shown before, some nice looking

boards on offer with great retro styles also available, be great to have a single fin in the quiver


  1. Speaking for myself I was only too happy to see the end of single fins as I reckon I may have exploited every conceivable option to make those things go straight and got totally over going sideways at inconvenient moments . Nice perhaps for a bit of nostalgia and maybe mixing it up a bit on a retro day or pool room ornament , but unless you have an endless supply of board finance like Micko , give me 3 fins every time .
    If I'm interested in progressing , even in these twilight years , at every surf , I simply don't have the time to throw the hand brake on .
    But don't get me wrong Beanz , I do have a sentimental bone in me some where , I just can't be bothered sorting through all the ones that give me grief to find it !

  2. unticking the 'stay signed in' box has worked Griz......yep a classic single fin would look nice above the bar i reckon, the latest single fin contests like the one Occy just won do look like a bit of fun, especially when one of the girls starts knocking out a few ego's

  3. Hmmmm, I wasn't around when single fins were the only option. Sounds like I'm not missing much.