Saturday, August 27, 2011

Show of Strength

After a reasonable surf down the road and a whole bunch of BBQ hot dogs at my joint a full display of HARDWARES came out for the punters to examine , some new and some not so but each and every one of them different .
Too many boards is never enough !


  1. ..... is that a wave pool in the background?

  2. The wave pool is 2 minutes away out the front door! and no wave pool is as good as it was on Monday .

  3. the ribbon spray job on Grays new board looks wicked.
    Griz your secret is well and truly out now. Go the funny tails!

  4. Willsy I'm sure your aware I have never rub anyone's nose in what I ride neither have I written off anyone else's boards , questioned their length yes , but I have only ever answered inquiring minds as to the merits of these boards and hopefully filled in a few blanks by simply surfing them .
    You can thank yourself for getting up the nerve to take a punt and stray from the norm and of course there is no question speaking directly with the shaper makes more sense than anything I can put to words .
    And get this , now Blair's got a froth on to give one a go . Could be the first time in 40 years he's been lead astray...........that I know of!

  5. this might be the start of a new club even more
    secret than the Masons......"the Squirelltails"

  6. No secrets here Mr " Anonymous " .
    At least my name is attached to everything I submit .

  7. sorry Griz...this blog still wont let me post
    a comment with my name attached, looks like i
    will be Mr A. for a while untill its sorted, ....think its happening for a few guys still----bean

  8. These boards have brought a massive positive change in my surfing .....dont claim to understand the design, but they work for me and at the end of the day thats what counts.... . Gray

    I'm thinking of offloading my 5'10" to make way for a new one, so if anyone wants the add a bit of spice in their life, let me know