Monday, August 22, 2011

CLUB MEET - August

secret.harb. a few weeks ago

its that time again so pencil in this Saturday 27th August at Secret Harbour
meet at 7.30am. 2nd carpark ie at the end of Palisades Boulevard

if you are not a club member feel free to come along and say hello, i have seen a few guys coming out of the woodwork this winter dusting off someolder boards


  1. And pencil in a barby afterwards . Will confirm with the manager and post on Thursday .
    Also have a shit load of club stickers to distribute amongst the members who make the effort as well as waterproof business cards you can handout to any other lonely kneelo brothers you may encounter , even out in the lineup if you can't be fagged chasing them down

  2. OK crew Saturday is ON at Secret Harbour, 7:30am at the 2nd carpark.

    Barbie at Griz's place after.

    from all accounts the banks are good!