Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More metro waves..

This joint has been pretty good of late, hard to surf though. Really wedgey drops and a crew of local spongers that have got the joint wired and just keep pushing you back further onto the bubble, which of course sucks dry on the take off. Little pricks, I need some kneelo company so we can shepherd. Some pics of yesterday...


  1. Where?
    Got my best waves on tuesday in the dark, before the other 20 frothers in the water got their night vision wired!

  2. trigg point at lunchtime tuesday only had
    3 of us out the back and 4-5 boogers on the inside sucky left,,,the rip was almost paddling
    heading south, always sorts out the crowd..bean

  3. It's the wave you surf when you're not surfing a wave. Was funny yesterday, there was a film crew shooting stills for an ad for the new Nissan X-Trail above the break. A "Claytons" 4wd if ever I've seen one.

  4. good to see wa still has a crew of kneelos around that get together.
    havent been to this spot for quite a few years.
    was it breaking just to the south in front of the rock?
    hope to see some of you out there when know board arrives

  5. Was two or three peaks working but only really when it wedged off the wall. No wedge it just shut down. Nothing like it used to be 25+ years ago though.