Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday at Lancelin Back Beach

Lancelin back beach 7.30am -  the surf wasnt looking very good although there was a good swell running and a light easterly wind was blowing....everyone was tempted to go elsewhere even though we had committed to staying in the one spot this time....(may not happen again), Al got the video camera out so we will see a bit of footage in the next few weeks.  everyone gave the thumbs up to the bakery / cafe opposite the caravan park near Eddie's and this may become the new meeting spot next time round before finding some better waves  (note no access now to bombing range from wedge township...tracks closed and
beach gone, meant to be some banks north of wedge.....dont know about beach access from lano side
but would expect it to be getting dodgey after seeing today's tide
a couple of guys asked about how to create a post....basically just sign in and click on DESIGN then look for NEW POST

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