Friday, May 6, 2011

Lancelin Trip May 2011

click on the link to see some of the action from May 2011 club meet at Lancelin
where for the first time in a long time the club got together and had a free surf....
in lumpy bumpy waves (good waves for a comp) at backbeach.
a big thanks to Al Peardon for sitting on a sand dune and taking the footage
(couldnt get the 2nd CD working Al so not sure what we have missed)
hopefully we will get some more footage in the future in better waves and
throw it on youtube under "Indiana Kneeriders" with the date, then we will have
a bit of a record of the club....(note no record of the last kneelo club in WA
that i know of...if you have any pics get them to me)

1 comment:

  1. Great effort.
    There is one really nice wave in the middle of the video.
    Keep up the great work... providing we have a photog each surf!!